About me.

Hello! My name is Joaquín Muriel. I am an an art director, designer and musician based in Rafaela, Santa Fe, Argentina. I am passionate about design, providing a nice and fresh style for each project I make.

Here you will find the definitive showcase for my art and design work. Feel free to look around, there’s a lot of for-client work as well as a number of personal pieces that I wanted to share with everyone.

A little bit about me; I am a self-taught music producer, currently working on a personal music album. I have integrated several bands in Rafaela and participated in commercial music projects.

My career as a designer began in my hometown, having completed my secondary education with technical degree in computer science and graduating a few years later as a technician in graphic design for visual communication in the Catholic University of Santiago del Estero.

I had a pleasure to work as an art director in a important agency in Rafaela and also with major brands from all the country, while enjoying the pleasure of doing what I really love: music and design.

Feel free to contact me for projects like: web design, branding, motion graphics, HTML/CSS markup, music, and other design stuff.


Working from Rafaela, Santa Fe, Argentina.