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La Redo TV

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Moonlight Party 2014

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Suit Bestiarium


The Black Sheep Barber Shop

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Cosmic PlacesExperimental

Experimental Work.

Cosmos, galaxies, digital places.

Trabajo experimental

Cosmos, galaxias, espacios digitales.


Art Direction and Design: Joaquín Muriel

La Redó TV Program Branding

Branding design and animation for TV.

La Redó TV is the audiovisual coverage of soccer tournaments organized by La Redó, the largest amateur football tournament from Santa Fe.

Diseño y animación de branding para TV.

La Redó TV es el programa de cobertura audiovisual de los Torneos organizados en La Redó, el torneo de fútbol amateur más grande de Santa Fe.


Client: Grupo 3 Puntas
2D and 3D design, animation, 3D lighting: Joaquín Muriel
3D modeling: Joaquín Muriel and The Pixel Lab “Soccer Pack”

Fiesta Moonlight 2014Mapping 3D Cabina DJ

Video projection mapping in a DJ booth.

The event took place on Wednesday, January 1, 2014, at the Country Jockey Club Rafaela during the New Year festival Moonlight.

Proyección de video mapping en cabina de DJ.

Se realizó el día miércoles 01 de enero de 2014 en el Country Jockey Club Rafaela durante la fiesta de año nuevo Moonlight.


Direction: Joaquín Muriel
Animation: Alejandro Balestro, Joaquín Muriel
Sound, Lighting and Production: Franco Vico (Activa Eventos)

CaracolSuit Bestiarium

Bestiarium is a suite for symphonic band consists of nine movements based on animals. It consists of the union of several composers from different countries, articulated through the organization Music et Orbis.

Bestiarium was presented in Rafaela as a creation that in addition to the wonderful music, joined the work of nine rafaelinos filmmakers, managed through the Ministry of Culture of the city of Rafaela.

My job was to make the video for a movement called "The Snail".

Bestiarium es una siute para banda sinfónica integrada por nueve movimientos basados en animales. Surge de la unión de varios compositores de diferentes países, articulado a través de la organización Música et Orbis.

Bestiarium se presentó en Rafaela como una creación que, además de la maravillosa música, integró el trabajo de nueve realizadores audiovisuales rafaelinos, gestionado a través de la Secretaría de Cultura de la ciudad de Rafaela.

Mi trabajo fué realizar el video para la obra "Caracol".


3D design, modeling, animation, 3D lighting: Joaquín Muriel
Compositor: Jan Van der Roost
Music Direction: Esteban Fernández

The Black SheepBarber Shop

Complejo Cultural del Viejo Mercado Motion graphic piece projected on a major building of Rafaela

El Complejo Cultural del Viejo Mercado de Rafaela, is a common space where various cultural institutions work.

While the building still under construction, we were called to project on a wall at the entrance of the building.

The video represents each of the institutions that are part of the complex.

El Complejo Cultural del Viejo Mercado de Rafaela, es un espacio común donde funcion diversas instituciones culturales.

Estando aún en proceso de construcción, nos convocaron para hacer una proyección sobre una pared en la entrada del edificio.

El video representa a cada una de las instituciones que forman parte del complejo.


Client: Secretaría de Cultura de la Municipalidad de Rafaela
2D and 3D design and animation: Joaquín Muriel

IsabelConcktail Bar

RaboneraWeb Site

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MarinozziWeb Site

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About me.

Hello! My name is Joaquín Muriel. I am an an art director, designer and musician based in Rafaela, Santa Fe, Argentina. I am passionate about design, providing a nice and fresh style for each project I make.

Here you will find the definitive showcase for my art and design work. Feel free to look around, there’s a lot of for-client work as well as a number of personal pieces that I wanted to share with everyone.

A little bit about me; I am a self-taught music producer, currently working on a personal music album. I have integrated several bands in Rafaela and participated in commercial music projects.

My career as a designer began in my hometown, having completed my secondary education with technical degree in computer science and graduating a few years later as a technician in graphic design for visual communication in the Catholic University of Santiago del Estero.

I had a pleasure to work as an art director in a important agency in Rafaela and also with major brands from all the country, while enjoying the pleasure of doing what I really love: music and design.

Feel free to contact me for projects like: web design, branding, motion graphics, HTML/CSS markup, music, and other design stuff.


Working from Rafaela, Santa Fe, Argentina.